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We are driven by passion & curiosity — technology that's mysterious even to some of the people who have conjured it — digitalization remaking everything in the world around us. And that's allowed us to develop to some of the most innovative solutions in the world, working with talents who invented a long list of patents, created success stories, working together with some of the world's leading brands.


Our mission is to help innovate, using our skills and experience, certain new success stories.

Changing the Game

Platonum develops disruptive technology and solutions for the luxury goods market, offering design, prototypes, and conceptualizing digital luxury products.

With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ everyday experiences. Founded in 2000, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers, and marketers have worked tirelessly to bring Platonum to the forefront of the industry.


We will continue to work relentlessly to become the technological standard, providing significant picture insights and solutions for companies of all sizes. Get in touch to learn more.

Our Business

Platonum is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. Founded by a group of friends who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper, today, we offer intelligent, innovative services to dozens of clients worldwide. 


Our solutions are custom-built, closely listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations with our product. We know how to analyze this information and customize our offering to changing market needs.


Why not join our fast-growing customer base? Get in touch today to learn more about the Platonum story.

B2B Design & Prototype Studio

At Platonum, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry-leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. We empower our clients to innovate their products, futurize the market, leveraging the brand.


The platform has a wide range of features that were created to help you live differently. Platonum is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes. For a free demo, please don't hesitate to contact us